Off-Beaten Rajasthan

Welcome to Rajasthan - the land of flashing silver, golden sands, multicolored clothes, passionate songs, vibrant dances, ancient folk traditions and rich handicrafts. Rajasthan is recognized for its dynamic and simplistic lifestyle and historical battles for its native inhabitants. This state has seen many wonderful events. The tour of this state will take you to the heart of the arid, yet beautiful petty cities of Jaisalmer and Barmer, Udaipur and Chittorgarh, like Rajput glory and wisdom. This area is really a paradise for tourists. Here are the most wonderful havlees and palaces, along with the wonderful wildlife sanctuary which is astonishing, and a monument to the rich and eagerness. There are several legends related to this land. There are many stories of heroism and dedication Rajasthan, which is probably the most attracting tourist attraction in India.

India,s Rajasthan state is the largest state in terms of area and it is India,s most popular tourist destination. A large number of tourists come from both home and abroad. Rajasthan is known for its natural beauty, golden desert, historical fort and castle and art and culture. This province is part of the Golden Triangle which includes cities like Delhi and Agra. 

Every third foreign tourist visiting India goes to Rajasthan, because of which tourism is flourishing in Rajasthan. The ancient palaces of Jaipur, the beautiful and romantic lakes of Udaipur, the desert of Jaisalmer and the sand dunes, the Jain temple of Mount Abu, the colorful animal fair of Pushkar and the grand Ummed Bhawan of Jodhpur are some of the special attractions of Rajasthan which promote tourism Are there.  The tourism industry here is so large that it contributes 80 percent to Rajasthan,s gross domestic product. Many old and neglected forts and palaces have been transformed into Rajasthan Heritage Hotel. Tourism has increased greatly in hospitality sector.

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