Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox & Giant Swing

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh (Lap of Himalaya)

Bungee jumping or Bungy jumping means jumping from a high place with a long elastic cord attached to your body. The high place is normally a construction, bridge or crane. The excitement comes since the freefall and the bounce back. While anyone jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to move back and forth up and down until all the force is dissipated.
The gorgeous hilly terrains are an intrinsic part of Uttarakhand, and cannot be extricated out of the Rishikesh experience. Please note, that the 15-20 minute walk up from the Recovery point, after your Bungee to the Cafeteria, maybe strenuous for some, considering this is a hilly area but we urge you to take this in the spirit of adventure, and come prepared with sports shoes.
This is a beautiful walk up nonetheless, amidst the wilderness of Rishikesh, and rest assured that we have made arrangements to make this as comfortable as possible, by providing 1 complementary bottle of water for the walk up, along with benches for a short rest, at regular intervals of the route.



Minimum - 12 yrs


Minimum – 40 kg

Maximum – 110 kg


Flying Fox
Fly with your closest pals! 
The fox is normally done by 3 people in Tandem. Can also be done solo, at an extra cost. After walking down to the cafeteria, claim your Dare to Jump certificate.

The Flying Fox tour in Rishikesh is the newest addition to the Flying Fox family. In an adventure of its own unique kind, we have in Rishikesh two sensational zip lines up to 400m long that catapult you across the white water rapids at Shivpuri, with unbelievable views of the Himalayan foothills, the mighty Ganga and the rafting crews 70 meters below. 

Our Set-up is located in Shivpuri village, located at a mere 15 minute upstream drive from Rishikesh. The entire tour takes 45-60 minutes, including safety brief, practise zip, zip tour and the (customary) short forest walk.



Minimum - 12 yrs


Minimum – 20 kg

Maximum – 130 kg


Giant Swing

This exhilarating adventure can be done in by 2 people in Tandem too ~ Swing with a friend or your partner, and make this a day you’ll never forget!
          Enjoy the thrill of India’s highest Giant Swing (Height: 83 mtrs)



Minimum - 12 yrs


Minimum – 30 kg

Maximum – 120 kg


Your Safety First:
We have ensured safety by hiring services of technically qualified extreme adventure sports experts with years of experience from Overseas ( New Zealand).

The Jump Platforms have been designed by a team from New Zealand and technically Qualified Jump Masters, with years of experience of operating these sports in New Zealand, have been brought in to handle the operations. We ensure safety by making sure we have a highly experienced crew, a high level of training, the best equipment and procedures in place, as well as a number of checks and counter checks and very thorough inspection schedules.

Discipline of all safety procedures is overseen by ex-Army officers & various safety drills are regularly practiced on site. Operating members of our staff are qualified in First Aid and certified by Red Cross, in case of emergencies.

Kind Attention Please:
Due to its extreme nature, this sport is not suitable for people with the following medical conditions.


Back or Neck injuries

Recent Fracture

High Blood Pressure


Neurological Disorders


Heart Conditions



Recently operated surgery

In case of any of these conditions, you will be prohibited from Jumping and/or Flying. In case of any other relevant conditions, especially over the age of 40, you are obliged to inform the Crew, and will further be allowed to jump only at their discretion.

Cameras are strictly prohibited on, or around, the jump zone for safety reasons, and this is not negotiable. Videos can be bought separately, in-store.

                    This being an extreme adventure sport, come prepared to rough it out.


Bungee (Bungy) Jumping                         

INR 4000/- per person

Flying Fox

INR 2500/-per person (On Triple Sharing)
INR 3500/- for single (if doing alone)

Giant Swing

INR 2500/-per person

                                                            COMBO OFFERS

Bungy Jump+Giant Swing

INR 6500/-

Bungy Jump+Flying Fox

INR 5500/-

Giant Swing+Flying Fox

INR 4950/-

Bungy+Swing+Flying Fox

INR 7999/-

Note:- Above price is non refundable and non transferable

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